Hussam Khaddour

Services & Rates


30 minutes: $45

consultations is required  , we will discuss the main goal or results your looking for , everyone has different goals and body , with consultations , i can take final decision what program is good and works on your body , there is some questions and information i have to know before going forwards with any new future clients .

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12 week Transformation

12 week nutrition & workout plan for people who really have the goal & will to change all their eating habits .

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Beginner Basics plan (4 week )

this program is focus on the basics exercises and how to correctly perform it , this program will be good for 4 weeks training and should be not less than 3 days a week .

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Weight Loss Plan

the weight loss plan must be discussed after purchasing a consultations , every body has different body shape and metabolism so the price is based on what plan is fit on you and how many weeks you need to stick to it .


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6 Week Bulk Plan

This program for someone who like to add more lean muscles , so it's focus on the correct nutrition and workout for 6 week so will not work on beginner or any other one work-out.   

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Lean Plan ( 8 week )

 This program will focus on how to eat the correct meals that will help you see your abdominal muscles , so it would be great for people that never seen their 6packs before .

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Competition Diet ( 12 Week )

This program is for the people who would like to work hard and following strict diet with no cheat meal at all to be in the perfect shape that never done before on stage .

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