Hussam Khaddour

About Me

I am a professional Personal Trainer, having spent years of practice and a sufficient understanding of the art of fitness. I built my profession by engaging in various types of sporting activities in my life. I received my certifications from the International Sports Science Association, where I was awarded a Certification as a Coach, Personal Training Accreditation, and Nutritionist Certification. My love for sports made me become a professional soccer player, achieving credits in Mui Thai, practicing kickboxing, and engaging in mixed martial arts. Even though personal training does not have the same routine as sports, the broad training experiences played a huge role in equipping me with relevant skills as a personal trainer. My training exercises are not for everyone but specifically for those interested in bodybuilding. Having earned a 12-year training experience, I clearly understand the order of proper eating for a better result.  To stay relevant in my profession, I always follow and read about the current and new studies as far as nutrition is concerned; this allows me to stay relevant in my field. I gain new trends in working out exercises that benefit my trainees.

My clients are my point of concern in this journey; I care about them so much. I feel good taking someone through an experience that makes them happy, healthy, and confident. I want to be there for those that are ready to chase their dreams in the fitness world. Since I was young, it has been my dream to become a personal trainer; my passion grew even more, when I became an adult. I find myself reading a lot of nutrition articles and trying out new exercises. Before introducing a new exercise routine to someone, I always try it out on myself, so that I can feel how it is. I only implement and recommend to my trainees and other people what is proven and has a positive impact. I get my satisfaction when I engage all my skills and experiences to benefit my clients and enable them to achieve their goals. I have designed an appropriate program to help me in carrying out a proper fitness routine.

My passion for bodybuilding propelled me to my recent accomplishment in Syria, having achieved the first and second place slot in two different bodybuilding categories. The Cutler Desert Classic is a credible physique competition in Las Vegas, where I managed to attain an impressive second-place result. During the tournament, I managed to learn a lot, and it gave me a chance to work with one of my ideal bodybuilder, Jay Cutler. The experience was quite good and funfilled since I got an opportunity to stand out in huge crowds in Las Vegas. Another competition was the Arnold Classic in Ohio, where I was among the two hundred competitors, and I managed to attain the 14th position. The Arnold Strongman Classic is an annual strength athlete competition from all over the world. It began in 2002 by the famous wrestlers Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer. Luckily, I was a proud participant for the first time in the physique category because of the competition's credibility. Even though I was disadvantaged by having an ankle fracture from a soccer match held two years ago, it did not stop me from moving forward to participate in the competition. I was supposed to make a final decision two days before I arrived in Ohio concerning which category I was to take. From that experience, I came to realize my passion and enthusiasm for bodybuilding sports. Later on, I immersed myself into a world of healthy eating while gearing towards the fulfillment of my dreams.

My dream later led me to California, a place where I always had the vision to participate in bodybuilding and weight lifting. California being a place packed with several bodybuilding activities, I believe it will catapult me to my ultimate goal.   On the quest to fulfill my dream, I endeavor to achieve a pro card. It requires excellent participation in many other mature bodybuilding competitions, and I am ready to compete at a higher level. I have the determination and commitment required for that status. I believe the achievement of the pro card will offer me a better platform that I will use to motivate other people and create a positive impact. My determination to achieve my dream is valid; as long as I am still alive, no matter the age, I will make my vision come true. Likewise, no human being is limited in achieving his or her dream. I appreciate working with people who are committed to achieving their goals and objectives. I believe that professional certification alone is not the key to an excellent personal trainer; that is why I find time to research more on bodybuilding ideas by reading nutritional articles like magazines and other relevant materials. I always refer to credible sources that have factual content and proven concepts. For one to attain excellence in a career, he or she should gain practical experience and obtain relevant professional certifications.

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